This article is in series of Sanatan Dharma awakening! I call it #KYD Series. Please note dharma is not Religion, dharma is Duty. There could not have been equivalent word for religion in samskrit as there was no other “Religion” in vedic times.

This Article deals with below issues that are either less known or unknown or not known at all. As a result of it they get misrepresented in the Society. The aim of this article is to raise our consciousness to understand what important things we are missing, by missing Samaskar Rituals.


OK, Let’s ask ourselves the below Questions before we proceed ahead.

  1. Do we know that Boys Ear piercing is one of the 16 Samaskars?
  2. What are the Interesting rules of child naming?
  3. What was Ancient education system? What are Vedangas?
  4. What is the Truth of Varna system? How Actually it Worked?
  5. Is Janeu Thread for all or only for Brahmin?
  6. What is the Minimum age of child marriage specified?
  7. How Many Types of Marriages are There?
  8. What is the Truth  of dowry system?

#Samaskaras connect acts like a mysterious portal between nature, divine & humans Let’s try to understand them scientifically and logically, without any superstitions attached.

A) In 100 yrs of age there are 4 stages of life (25yrs each)

1. Bachelorhood ( 0- 25 Yrs)

2 Adulthood (25-50 Yrs)

3. VanPrasth (50-75 Yrs)

4. Sanyas(75+ Yrs)

B) Bhagwan Ved Vyas and Manu Mahraj, have prescribed 16 essential Samaskaras. At the Beginning of Each Manvantar, a Manu Represents the Race. मनुष्य comes from मनु.

Below are the different no of  #samaksaras done in  phases of life. As you will find 10 out of 16 Samaskars are completed by the age of 3 years. Modern Psychology and Science also confirms the basic foundation habits and mental development take place upto 3 years of age. Let’s understand the various phases of life and the Samaskars attached therein.

IIIPOST NATAL           40-12 Months
VIADULTHOOD           125-50 Years
VIIOLD AGE350 Yr to Death

Please note that Each Samaskar is a यज्ञ, and must be performed with proper SOP. Like in a Laboratory for getting a desired result a manual and proper SOP is followed. . Ensure you are purified through bath and wear clean clothes. Now Youngsters who are thinking why pure etc. please refer how you should enter an ICU, How you should enter an operation theater. Purity refers purity of thought and body hygiene both. Please refer the Illustration, which simplifies the Samaskar Phase wise:

#Samaskar – 1 :: Garbhadhana (गर्भाधान) 

Importance: Female must be more than 16yrs &  male more than 25 yrs

Clarified– Sanatan Dharma doesn’t promote child marriage

Purpose: To ensure a healthy womb/ovum for a healthy conception, just like soil.

What:  Mantra Vidhi, यज्ञ

When:  After marriage & Just before couple plans to conceive

#Samaskar – 2::Punsavanam (पुनसवनम)

Importance:  critical time when foetus becomes living

Clarified– many places it is wrongly written, that Punsavanm is to get male child.

Purpose:  to ensure a viruous life enters the foetus, and to ensure husband genetic health remains virtuous till the next conception.

What: Mantra Vidhi, यज्ञ

When:  between 2nd/3rd month

#Samaskar – 3:: Simanatonayan  (सीमंतोंन्नयन) or Godh Bharayi  (गोद भराई)

Importance:  Foetus begins to hear & full limb development happens

Purpose: Mothers +ve action gets directly linked to baby.

What: Husband parts the hair of wife, she gets VIP treatment thru different local traditions -music, fun activities etc.

When:  4th, 6th& 8th month of Gestation

Additional Remarks: She must be kept in very joyful mood with rich food which reaches child also. Abhimanyu (Arjuna’s Son) learnt breaching ChakraVyuh at this stage in womb.

Mother’s bad mood/drugs etc can directly hamper the brain development of child. Take Extreme Precautions during Solar/Lunar Eclipse. It is practically seen that mothers Acts can reflect in the new born later. eg. A Mother cutting vegetables in Eclipse, her kid will be cord with a cut ear etc.

#Samaskar – 4  :: Jaatkaram  (जातकर्म)

Importance: cleansing baby & prepare for-rooting/sucking/breathing/swallowing & hearing

Purpose: Prepare child before breast feeding, Horoscope made, whispering secret name

What: Honey+Ghee fed with Gold Bar. Om name is also inscribed on tongue

When: Immediately upon the birth of the child

Add remarks:  As the new born sucks thumbs etc which can be infected, to immunize him instantly:

  • Honey-anti bacterial/anti microbial
  • Ghee-immunity & vitamins
  • Gold extract-helps in digestion, intellect
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Secret name- whispered in infant’s ear your name is Veda by father-his first Guru

Also it is said inscribing the Om on the Tongue leaves a positive memory in mind.

Also immediately on Birth Correct time must be noted & Horoscope is made immediately on birth, on the basis of Time and coordinates of Birthplace and the Astronomical configurations unique to the child. It charts out his 36 Gunas (गुण),future Roles, Life at Various Stages, Age and Karma suited for him.

#Samaskar – 5 :: Namakarana  (नामकरण)

Importance:  Future traits of child told by Kulguru (कुलगुरु) by Checking the Horoscope, status of Jaundice checked as Jaundice if Critical appears in First 15 Days of Child Birth.

Purpose: Social identity, Astrologically fruitful (a Positive name has blissful impact. Not like Celebrities who change names from Numerologists unscientifically)

What: Kulguru from horoscope &future traits, decides name of the child

When:  10 days after the birth day- i.e on 11th day


A) 1st letter w.r.t  nakshatra (ref table)


-Names to be of 2,4,6 syllables+ suffix names ref future role

Teaching- > Sharma-RaviSharma

Security-> Verma -RaviVerma

Business- > Gupta -RaviGupta

Service-> Das -Ravidas, Tulsidas, Mohandas

Remember Das doesn’t mean Slave, but means a person rendering Service or Goods for the Society. Refer this article for details. Also see the Intra Varna flexibility.


-Name to have 1,3,5 syllables & long syllable in end

-Girls r the bliss of Shakti/Lakshmi/Saraswati, so soft name, should pay respect,  seekblessing

-Never name as a Goddess- as Nakshatra-e.g. Rohini, revati or as Tree

Goddess is like Mother, Husband can’t refer to such name for a Spouse. Hence, Many Places if the Lady had such a name as above, the same was changed post marriage.

Su-sh-ma- सुषमा



Refer the below Chart for rules and inter-varna Flexibility. Please note how a person born in one Varna, took to other Varna.

Please read the table below very carefully

#Samaskar-6 :: Niskraman  (निष्कम्रण)

Importance: observation/learning starts at this ages

Purpose:  Union with nature & Develop Child’s sense of observation, sight, smell, touch

What: Outing in nature- fresh air/ sunlight/moonlight

When:  fourth month birth tithi or 3rd Shuklapaksha after birth

 #Samaskar-7::Annaprashana (अन्नप्राशन)

Importance:Primary teeth start erupting,   increase the Agni- digestive power

Purpose: shift from liquid to solid diet, breast feeding-stops

What: feed soft rice mixed with curd/honey/ghee, fruit juices

When:  on the 6th month birth tithi

#Samaskar-8:: chudakarma (चूड़ाकर्मor mundan (मुंडन)

Importance: Examining any defects in skull – size/scalp/palpation

Purpose- clearing 1st time head hair (in shuklapaksha)

What- shaving the head

When- 1st or 3rd year

#Samaskar – 9  :: Karnavedha  (कर्णवेध)

Importance: teacher used 2 ask student to press earlobe & do situps.

Purpose:  increases memory, hearing, eyesight, mental stability, body cycles in girls

What: Ear piercing- both boys & girls & put gold ornament

When:  1st,3rd,5th,7th yr

RemarksRemember your Teacher asking you to do situps holding your earl lobes? The ear lobes directly activate your brain and prevent from many diseases. Modern Science also accepts the same. It regulates many body functionalities and increases memory, hearing, eyesight, mental stability, body cycles in girls. While girls do it, we must revive it for boys as well. Vedanta says that it also activates the inner hear to make it more perceptive to cosmic sounds.

#Samaskar– 10  ::Upnayan (उपनयन) /yagnopavit

Importance: child under Guru’s observation – all 3 varnas

Purpose:  admission for future role (Varna) of teaching/business/protecting;

What: sacred trinity thread & gayatri mantra

Clarification: At birth all are service /nourishing class with basic skills.

Shudra is like a Base Varna meaning Pusan (Nourisher). Mother Earth is also considered a Shudra as it is a Pusan. As an Example:

Brahmins: All people who are Professors/ Teachers, R&D Fellows are Brahmins

Kshatriya: All people working in Defence, Police are Kshatriya

Vaish: All Businessmen are Vaish

Shudra: Software Programmers, Farmers, Drivers, Electrician, Service Employees are Shudras. Be a Proud Shudra!

Shudra are the backbone of Society.  As a Teacher can become businessman, a Software programmer can Join police and so on, Varna system is very flexible. You just need to have the skill-set to cater to the same.

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Refer this Chart Very Clearly and understand the beauty. Based on Skill Sets of the New Born his parents propose Varna allotment in Upnayan, which Guru checks and approves or changes.

Upnayan timelines  for Various Varna applicants

  • Brahmin-8th (conception yr)  (min-5   max-16)  (Brahmin starts early as more syllabus of others also to be covered)
  • Kshatriya-11 (min-6 max-22)
  • Vaish min-12 (min-8 max-24)

How to identify students in Gurukul ? so that Students assemble in correct course classrooms and can be identified. For this purpose mainly different types of Janeu thread is there.

Brahman Thread made of- कपास , Kshatriya-सूत  Vaish- ऊन  It is like a House Badge in a School

Clarification: Janeu is Not Restriction on any Varna. The main purpose of Janeu is housebadge in Gurukul and constant reminder of the Trinity.

Samaskar – 11  :: Vedarambh (वेदारंभ)

Purpose: Guru assesses & allots Varna specific courses

What: Basic course + Varna specific course (eg. Dhanurveda to Kshatriya)

When:  starts immediately after Upnayan

The child learns about hostel life, students learns discipline, sheds ego, lives by alms

#Samaskar – 12 ::Smavartan  (समावर्तन)

Importance:  home coming after receiving education

Purpose: only after completing education marriage can be done

What: taking a ritual स्नान  (i.e why bachelor degree is called स्नातक )

When:  completes at min 25yr

Check the details in illustration below. Please note the detailed education process. Please read the exhaustive list of subjects covered and the timelines and Varna Allotment.

Please note that 25 Years is minimum education completion timeline for One Veda Mastering. If a disciple wishes to master more Vedas he will take more time, just like Graduation/Post Graduation/Doctorate.

Girls could also avail education thru Same Process. Female Rishis were known as Rishikas. Some of the Ancient Rishikas were- Gargi Vachaknavi, Maitree Yajnavalkya, Lopamudra Vaidarbhi , Apala Atreyi, Shashvati Angira.

#Samaskar – 13 :: Vivaha  (विवाह)

Importance: no concept of child marriage, dowry in Vedas

What: A role agreed mutually by husband & wife to take care of each-other &contribute to the progress of society& human-race

When:  Boy more than 25 years, girl more than 16 years (preferably 25)

Details in illustration below

Clarification: Sanatan Society has been misrepresented for Child Marriage/ Dowry. Such Evils do exist, but it is not allowed in Santan Dharma, Society should know. Below please find the relvant Shlokas and the Types of Marriage Approved/ Not Approved. This is very important especially for the Young Generation to Understand.

Marriage can be easily done inter Varna, Subject to Marriage rules-

1. Genetic Compatibility (Gotra /Lineage Tracing)– The female should not be from Mothers Gotra (upto six Generations) and not at all from Fathers Gotra

Many younsgters may think it is superstitious especially after seeing movies on Khap panchayat etc. Please note Genetic diversity prevents many diseases especially autism.

2. Matching of Guna गुण (Thru Horoscope)- The Horoscope of boy and girl has 36 Gunas (गुण) . Minimum 18 must match to approve marriage. In current terms it translates to that more than 50% Compatibility of Interests, Nature, Mood, Attitude, Thought Process. Don’t we have same thing in Matrimonial Sites, only that Horoscope is more authentic

These days high divorce rates main reason is non compatible couples, who marry out of infatuation etc, but aren’t actually compatible to each other in Majority Guna (गुण). Remember: A person Compatible with u, may not be compatible with other

3. Market information-Body defects/heredity diseases

#Samaskar – 14 :: Vaanprastha (वानप्रसथ)

Importance:  ensures enlighted teacher bank in gurukuls

Purpose: precursor to sanyas/handing over to nxt gen

What: smoothly hand over property, roles, responsibilities

When:  skin has loosened, become a grandparent around 50-60 yrs

Remarks: An Ideal Teacher should have experience of Life, Mastery in Knowledge Subjects and above all be a selfless imparter of Knowledge. These qualities can be found in a person who has taken to path of VanaPrastha. Hence in Ancient times this was the ideal way to provide Quality Teachers in Gurukuls

#Samaskar – 15 ::Sanyaas(सन्यास)

Importance:  this period is only for your own self

Purpose: all kama(desires) to end for freedom from death/birth cycles- attain moksha

What: Give up 3 min desires- children/wealth/fame

When:  after Vanprastha (75+), can be bypassed also (ref.pic)

Remarks: This is the time when Vairagya भाव should fill the body. The Kama(Desires) to end in order to end the Karmic consequences of Birth & Death.  A Sanyansi is immune of Criticism, Anger, Lust & Fear.  Sanyasa must be taken after Vanprastha, but enlightened persons can take it after or Before Grihasth Ashram as well. The sole aim at this time is Moksha मोक्ष

#Samaskar – 16 :: Antyeshti (अन्त्येष्टि) दाहसंस्कार

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Importance: final Samaskar to let जीवात्मा detach/ return पंचभूत back to mother earth

Purpose: last rites of the deceased

What: hand over the body to agni in the yagya of anyeshti

When:  upon death

The Soul leaves body when the Body is weak enough or incapable of retaining the Soul. Death may be accidental (अकाल ) or Natural (अटल). For Natural Deaths one must be prepared and pacify the person on death bed thru reciting of Bhagat Gita, Vedic Shlokas so that the conscience is pacified doesn’t worry about family and leaves Kama (Desires) behind in an attempt to free from Karmic Cycles of Birth & Death.

This is the Last Samaskar of the Human Body. Please note special care to be taken to perform it with utmost seriousness. Like all other Samaskars it is the Last Yagya for the Departed & Not For you. Ensure you are purified through bath and wear clean clothes. Now Youngsters who are thinking why pure etc. please refer how you should enter an ICU, How you should enter an operation theater. Purity refers purity of thought and body hygiene both.

Clarification: Please note, Antyeshti is the Final Samasar, Samaskar of Human Body. Vedanta Philosphy also teaches the same, No Samaskar to be Performed after the completion of 13 Day rituals for Jivatma.

The Annual Shraad/ Pitralok/YamLok Concepts are all false, mainly due to manipulated scriptures like some Garud Puraan, which mainly incite fear to do this and do that. Yamlok – Nark/Swarg is a foreign concept for Vedanta Philisophy. We believe in universal Consciouness. The reward/punishment of Good /Bad Karma we get in this life only.

Refer illustration for details & significance

# Based on my exhaustive research on Vedanta Philosophy, and on authentic विशुद्द manusmriti by immense efforts of acharya dr.surendrakumar, sh rajivshastri , this article has been prepared.

The Nectar of Sanatan Dharma Knowledge is in the below. So interested can initially limit to study of these.

1. Sreemad Bhagavadgita

2. Vedanta (Upanishads)

3. Brahmasutra

4. Manusmriti (Only if you get an Authentic one)

Clarification: Manusmriti was our guiding document for social conduct and rituals, nectar of DharmaSutras. However it was heavily manipulated. (Refer below illustration of FAKE Shlokas added in Manusmriti) Don’t believe on  internet downloaded Manusmritis /Purans with fake quotes. Imagine in these days so much fake news in circulating, what would have happened to written documents for over 800years of foreign rule. We were saved as the Veda and Vedanta Philosophy continued thru Shruti via Guru-Shishya Parampara.  Overall 55% shlokas in Manusmriti are fake. Upto 89% are fake chapterwise highest in chapter on Varna

Hope you could gain some useful insight. Again remember all Samaskars are detailed यज्ञ and have a purpose to achieve. Just like when we do an experiment in Lab we follow specific process and manunals to achieve desired result. Our Ancient Rishis (Male Scientists & Spiritual beings)  and Rishikas (Female Scientists & Spirituals beings ) have given these procedures on Scientific Foundations.

My humble request is that let this information reach our present & next generation.

– These 16 samaskars (pure vedic rituals) are core to  sanatan society.

– Please Read it again & again till you are satisfied

– But spread it for present generation to secure future

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