What do we mean, when we Say Higher Dimension? 

  • If World2-Beings are External observers to World1-Beings in such a way that while World2-Beings can Observe & Interfere into World1-Beings, but Latter is not aware of presence of Former.
  • Then World2-Beings (Let’s say Gods) are in HIGHER DIMENSION w.r.t  World1-Beings  (Say Human Beings)

EXAMPLE- A Crude Analogies: 1) A Fish in the Water body are Unaware of Our Presence of the Bird Observing it, the Bird is in Higher Dimension 2) CM Doing an Aerial Survey, Silently, of a Flood affected village, then CM is in a higher Dimension than Village, But if the CM is being Tracked from the Satellite Much Higher, the Satellite is in Higher Dimension Compared to CM.

  • Supreme Consciousness what we call ParaShiva is At Highest Dimension and observer of all other Dimensions.

What is Initial State in Highest Dimension?

  • In a Higher Dimension, Para-Shiva is an All Pervading Sea of Consciousness, Along with All Pervading Primordial energy (adi Shakti) as Shakti-Unmanifested like potential Energy.

State of Time & Space at the Beginning in our OUR DIMENSION?

  • Para-Shiva, at  Highest Dimension, is ExternalObserver of as Boss of काल (TimeExperience) = (महाकाल)
  • At the Beginning in Our Universe (Lower Dimensions) there is No Space, so No Time Experience (काल), so No Motion, as Without Time&Space Motion Cannot happen. Contrary to Western Notions that Before Big-Bang a Hot Singularity is there in the beginning. Heat Means Molecular Motion, Not Possible without Space/Time.
  • This is the Condition of Shunya शून्य

What are the three Forms of the Supreme FORCE (अदिशक्ति)?

  • TRIKA FORCE (त्रिका शक्ति) Represented by ShivaTrishul are 1)परा 3)अपरा  2)पराअपरा i.e. 1) Force with Supreme Consciousness 2) Force which helps Strings, subatomic Paricles to manifest in matter 3) Force of Illusion by Give Shape/Colour/Attributes to Matter  .  Read AbhinavGupta Great Saint of Kashmir Shaivism’s TantraLoka


  • Consciousness & Energy follow Quantum Laws.
  • Can activate at same time across Various Dimensions thru the Principle of QUANTAM ENTANGLEMENT



Supreme Consciousness uses बीज मंत्र & त्रिका शक्ति for Local Consciousness.

  • Para-Shiva (in Dimension X) will Activate Local Consciouness1 (विष्णु Vishnu in Dimension X-1)
  • Vishnu will Activate Local Consciounessness2 (ब्रह्मा Brahma in a Dimension X-2)
  • Brahma Deals with Dimension X-3, that’s our Observable Universe for purpose of Creation.
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PROCESS OF CREATION BY BRAHMA:  Local Consciounessness2 (Dimension X-2)

  1. BRAHMA’s ROLE: Thru the Knowledge of 4 Vedas, Brahma with the help of  परा शक्ति  First Manifests 1st Mahabhut- Aakasha Tatava (i.e.Space Strings आकाश रश्मी– a Pure Energy Field Called Vacuum Energy Now a Days). SPACE IS NOT EMPTY

Just as Application FORCE fills Energy in the spring in a TOY and Fixes its time and Energy, Similarly for this newly created Akaasha  thru ENERGY-TIME Entanglement, its Time Experience (काल चक्र) starts with a prefixed TIME & ENERGY.


Small %age less of These Aakash Strings as Raw Materials,  Less than One in 10,000 Quadrillion , Convert to other महाभूत (Other Type Strings) by Application of Force (Shakti) thru Structural Change. As Per Vedas- आकाश  महाभूत Gives Rise to  वायु>अग्नि>जल-> पृथ्वी

NOW IMAGINE A COTTON CANDY MACHINE, Out of THIN AIR, Candy is Produced, similarly On Further Application of Force these Mahabhut Strings are put into Lots of Spins.  This Motion Causes these Strings to Condense into Subatomic Particles.

Then Shakti (Weak Nuclear Forces) Converts Neutral Neutron into Proton, and releases Electron, But to Bind Repelling SameCharged Proton into Nucleus, Shakti (in the Form of Strong FORCE) does the Job again. Thru Interatomic Strong Forces (Chemical Bonds), Molecules and Compounds are Formed which give Rise to Further Complex Matter. Particles–>Atoms–>Molecules–> Matter .

But Still There is a huge Gap of 99.99999999…% among particles which is filled by Aakasha (Space) in the Form of घट आकाश । By using Knowledge & Apara Shakti, Brahma Ghas combined Strings to Matter. Then Brahma uses Para-Apara Shakti to Create MAYA (Illusion attributes) of Colour, Shape, Smell etc of the Matter.

Universe Needs Continuous Energy Sources in the Form of Stars. Matter is Continuously Releasing Energy thru Chemical Reaction, Fusion and Fusion. While in Chemical Reaction mass Doesn’t Change, in Fusion and Fusion Mass Changes with Fusion becoming Source of Universal Energy. In Both Fusion and Fission Atomic Motion Stops Yielding Energy and and change in Mass.

Merger of Matter(Fusion), or Interference in Matter (Fission), both Disturb the Binding Forces above- Weak & Strong Nuclear Forces. So a Reverse Process of Creation is initiated by Releasing the Energies that Bound Them. RadioActive Decay of Release of Radiation to Form Other Elements is common Example.

Matter reduces toà(Energy Released) Molecules->(Energy Released) Atomsà (Energy Released) SubAtomic Particles à (Energy Released) Strings (Rashmi रश्मी) of Agni/Jal/Prithvi/Vaayu -> (Energy Released) à Strings (Rashmi रश्मी)

  • This is what we see as SuperNOVA Explosions. When Matter Becomes Energy All
  • Can you understand now how Devas Appear and Disappear in a Jiffy?
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Consciousness, is infused in Both Living Or Non Living Item (Difference is only Activated/Partially Activated/Non Activated Consciousness). That’s why you have heard incidents of Non Living Items Coming to Life OR Stone Converting to God.

So this Matter Can be divide into (जड़/चेतन)

  • Matter which Doesn’t Knows Itself Or Which Doesn’t Know Others is Pure जड़ (NON Living)
  • Matter which Fully Knows Itself & Fully Knows Others is Pure चेतन (Living)
  • Plants, Animals, Humans Show Increasing Level of  चेतन ।
  • Fully Enlightened Human Being is expected to be Fully चेतन.

For Non Living (जड़) – Shakti+Various Mahabhut+(NON Activated Consciouness)

For Living Beings (चेतन) – Shakti+ Panch Mahabhut+ ACTIVATED Consciousness to varied degress,

Living (चेतन) Can Further be Classified as Living Only for Survival Purpose & thus not are not bound by Karmic Laws.

Example: If a Tiger kills a Dear for Survival Purpose, it will not add to bad Karma. But if a Human being, which has higher level of Consciousness, Kills a Dear it will add to his bad Karma.

  • VISHNU’S ROLE: Apart from Vishnu Invoking / Controlling & Monitoring Brahma , It also has a Role that These Forces in action have to be maintained in equilibrium and harmony using परा/अपरा Shakti (Yog Maya)  for the Time Period (काल) determined for that Matter. That’s where the स्थिति portion of the Consciousness Plays Role.
  • SHIVA’s ROLE: As SPRING UNWINDS IN A TOY and the Toy Stops Functioning once All Energy Stored/Converts Back into Force & Time is Over.Similarly at the End of the कालचक्र (Time Alloted to that Energy/Space/Matter) Time and Force get’s exhausted. The Repulsive and Attractive Atomic Forces, The Strong & Weak Forces that was invested to create matter and motion get Released, Suddenly the Motion Stops, All the Particles disintegrate, गटाकाश (space in matter) merges with महाकाश , just like on bursting balloon , the air inside merges with the air outside) . So all the participles collapse back into Rashmi form.
  • After Each Manvantar (71 Chaturyug) or 1 Glactic Year or 300million Years)-1 Human Race is formed,  Old Anhilated. (Pralay).
  • After Two Kalpa  (24 hrs of Brahma) 8.64 Billion Years- The Sun With Solar System is Destroyed & New Created (MahaPralay) All 4 Mahabhut Reurn to Aakash Mahabhbhut
  • After 72000 Kalpa(100Yrs of Brahma 311)- Brahma also Ends and New Brahma is Created. Even the Aaksah Mahabhut Goes back to Vishnu. Local Consciousness 1 and Our Universe Returns to Shunya (शून्य ) – No TIME/No SPACE/No ENERGY.
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This Vedantic Principle of Force (Shakti manifested) Invested in Matter creation and release of the same on partial or full anhillation is  known Since Ages. After Maths & classical physics, which I have researched and written in detail, modern physics has also Transmitted to West giving rise to NEW UNHEARD CONCEPTS like E=MC2. I have researched & written, how Concepts of Time/Space/Relativity and E=mc2, transferred from  Vivekananda à Tesla à Milevaà Einstien. Just to name a Few Great Scientists Robert Oppenheimer (Father of Atomic Bomb), Erwin Schrodinger (Wave equation for Electron Movements), Werner Heisenberg (Uncertainty Principle), Niels Bohr (atomic Structure), Carl Sagan (Astronomer) &  NikolaTesla. They Were Students of Vedanta. Read About them and Feel Froud of your Vedanta !

This 2 Page thread is infinitesimal part of the Full Process. IT IS CREATION IN A NUTSHELL  it is an Attempt to just touch the main points & Let you Discover the Depths on your own thru True Vedantic Knowledge. Sanatan Dharma’s Time Scales, Concepts the Modern Science has started Acknowledging Gradually.  BE PROUD OF YOUR GREAT COUNTRY & THE SANATAN DHARMA.

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