At the outset, India 4 Kashmir appreciates Govt of India and Honourable Home Minister, Shri. Amit Shah’s gesture of meeting with a delegation of Kashmiri Hindus. We believe such interactions should happen frequently and all the community leaders should be engaged by the Govt to rehabilitate Kashmiri Hindus with full honour and dignity, along with other citizens who believe in the Constitution of India in letter and spirit.

Having said this, we express disappointment with the Home Minister’s proposal of resettlement in different clusters. We have made it amply clear that settlement can only take place in a single place, prior to which a Tribunal of Justice should be convened to investigate the Genocide of Kashmiri Hindus.

We had conveyed the same proposition & charter to the MOS Home, Shri Kishan Reddy in our meeting with him last month. We believe it is impossible for us to live with people who played an active role in our Genocide. Nor will it be safe to do so.

I4K has a big Hindu cadre base both online and on-ground which has resolved to rehabilitate India in Kashmir with dignity and honour in a single concentrated territory failing which we will have no option but to protest on streets of all major cities of India.

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We have implicit faith in this Govt and hope no decision will be taken without taking the Community into confidence.

Release by Team I4K

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I4K Staff

India 4 Kashmir is a Pan-India movement to reclaim our lost ground and rehabilitate common Indians in Kashmir with dignity and honour.