They say Time heals every Wound, but a wound, if deep, can leave permanent scar. It was only 73 years ago, in 1947, when Partition of India happened, chopping off 3.5Lakh Sq Km on the Right hand and 60K Sq Km on the Left hand. If there was any crime in mankind greater than the Jewish Holocaust, it was the 1947 Partition. The partition not only led to 2 Million deaths, but caused an unprecedented and enormous  destruction of Sanatan Dharma. There are numerous Lost Places of Pakistan:

  • Ancient Universities
  • Temples of Great Significance
  • Important Shaktipeeths
  • Sites Related to Mahabharata & And Much Much more.
Partition, Hindu History, Pakistan Map

We Lost Unaccounted Precious History. Pl Check the Table and Understand the Origins of Famous Places you hear often. The illustration uncovers the Root Original Names of:

Multan, Lahore, RawalPindi, Kasur, Panjab, Kartarpur, Neelum Valley

Origin of Names of various Cities of Pakistan, Lava, Kusha

While MSM highlights one side of the story, they don’t highlight the second wave of massacre on Temples that took place in Pakistan after Babri Masjid 1992 Incident. In this article we shall cover mathematically and with evidence, one by one, what all we Lost in these Places. But Before going further, please pause for a Moment and see the pre-partition Maha-Shivratri Celebrations in Karachi, Pakistan. Naman to those Millions who lost their Life, Property and History Just to save Dharma. If they would have been told that in a few years who would be forced to pack your bags and run for your lives, they would have laughed. Similar incident happened to Kashmiri Hindus in India.  

Shivratri in Pakistan

This thread covers Top 10 Lost Hindu History of Pakistan mathematically and with evidence.

#LostHistory 1

  1. Monument- PrahladPuri Temple
  2. Location- Mutan City , Punjab, Pakistan
  3. Importance- The Site Where Narsimh Avataar in Satyuga Appeared to save Prahlaad against Hiranyakashipu
  4. Present Conditions- Please see the Pic
Prahladpuri, Narasimha, hiranyakashipu

#LostHistory 2

  1. Monument- Hinglaj Maata -Shakti Peeth
  2. Location- Balochistan, Pakistan
  3. Importance- Shaktipeeth, Where Brain of Maa Shakti
  4. Present Conditions- Please see the Pic
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Balochistan, Hinglaj Mata

#LostHistory 3

  1. Monument- SunTemple
  2. Location- Multan, Panjab, Pakistan
  3. Importance-Temple by Samba, Son of Lord Krishna , It is said the Idol/temple was covered with Gold and Rubies when Hiuen Tsang visited the place in 7th Century
  4. Present Conditions- Please see the Pic
Sun Temple, Multan, Huen Tsang

#LostHistory 4

  1. Monument- Katas Raj Temple (कटाक्ष राज )
  2. Location- Chakwal, Panjab
  3. Importance- The Pond of this Temple was filled with Tears of Bhagwaan Shiva on Death of Sati. Also Yudhisthir Solved Yaksha Riddle here in Exile.
  4. Present Conditions- Please see the Pic
Katas Raj Temple, Shiva, sati

#LostHistory  5

  1. Monument- Kataksh University
  2. Location- Chakwal,Panjab
  3. Importance-Learning Seat of Sanskrit, Maths, Science, Arts- where Al-Biruni spent years,  Learnt Indian Subjects, wrote Kitab Tariq al-Hind & passed info to Arab World
  4. Present Conditions-Not Known
Al Biruni , India

#LostHistory 6

  1. Monument- Sharada Peeth Temple
  2. Location- Neelam Valley, PoK
  3. Importance- MahaShaktiPeeth- Right hand of Maa Sati  Fell here.   Shandilya Rishi Son of Kashyap Rishi started it after Darshan of Sarswati Maa
  4. Present Conditions- Please see the Pic
Sharada Peeth , Neelum Valley, PoK

#LostHistory 7 .

Sharda University-Highest learning seat for Advance Learning: A realised abode of Maa Sarasvati, the goddess of Kashmir. adiShankarcharya visited for शास्त्रार्थ -composed saundarya lahari & Sharada Stotram for Her. Only 30KM from Border, GovtMust open Route and let Hindus visit this place of Historical and emotional connect, just like Karpartpur Corridor. People who visited ShardhaPeeth have felt the energy vibrations of this mystic place even today.

Few are aware that Shardha Script is Origin of Gurumukhi Script of Sikhs. Urdu/Persian was later forced by invadors wiping out Traces of Shardha. “CoreSharada Team is committed towards the revival of Sharada script”, says Ms. Jyoti Kaul ji (@jykoul) one of the founder members of the Team.

Sharda Lipi, GuruMukhi

#LostHistory 8

  1. Monument- Panch Mukhi Hanumaan Mandir
  2. Location- Karachi, Pakistan
  3. Importance- Ancient times it was believed to be Only Natural Idol of Sh Hanuman in World . New Idol seems to be reconstructed
  4. Present Conditions- Current Recreated, Not Original
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PanchMukhi Hanuman Mandir

#LostHistory 9

  1. Monument- Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur
  2. Location- Kartarpur, Punjab
  3. Importance-  Guru Nanak ji ,  the Founder of Sikhism , spent Last 2 Decades of his Life here. Within 5kms of Indian Border, we should have annexed it-having a 40%/60% population ratio), we gave away too much.
  4. Present Conditions- Ok

Guru Nanak ji was a divine avatar. Many people fail to realize that Sikhism is nothing but a clan o the bravest among the Hindus who came forward to defend Sanatan Dharma from brutal invasions. Guru Nanak Dev ji and the Sikh gurus have been devotees of Maa Shakti and her various roop like Chandi. Guru Gobind singh based on Markandeya Purana composed Chandi di Var included in 5th Chapter of Dasam GRanth.  Shree Markandeya,  son of Bhagwaan Shiva, is considered to be the Army General of Devas. Sikhs, Challenged the Mughals and consciously did whatever Mughals prohibited the Hindus to do by treating them as a 2nd Grade citizen i.e. Weapon, Horse, Turban. Sikh Women were so brave that

#LostHistory 10

  1. Monument- Taxila University
  2. Location- RawalPindi, Panjab
  3. Importance-  Place of Panini & Biggest Universities like Nalanda , pre10th Century BC> 10,000 students from China,Babylon,Syria,Greece, India.
  4. Present Conditions- Ruins UNESCO World  Heritage
Taxila University Pics

The Status of Minorities in Pakistan – Mathematically Explained !

We Often are shown this Image of 1953 & are surprised to find Holi, Diwali, Dushhera, Basant Panchami were Declared Holidays of Punjab and the Pakistan got Radiclized by Zia-ul-haq policies in 1970/80s. But it is just Eye Wash and Diversion Tactics to pass on Blame Game.

1953 Calender Pakistan showing Hindu Festivals

The 1953 Holiday List- a Result of 1950 Nehru-Liaqat Pact to Pacify Indians that All is Well, Valid only till 1956 for Minority Rights- distress sales of properties, get back abducted women&looted properties . However Minorities in Pakistan Suffered Innumerable atrocities.

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Nehru Liaqat Pact 1950

Pakistan(W)& Pakistan (E) i.e. Bangladesh)-Wiped out Minorities. This massacre led to spread of Radical thinking & Cutting off with the Glorious Past & Identity. The below  Mathematical Model using CAGR formula is based on Official Census Reports. Actual Can be WORSE. Number’s Dont Lie

CAGR, Growth Rate Minorities, india, Pakistan & BanglaDesh, , Mathematically

The Reason of Minority Atrocities being Highest in Sindh as 93% of Hinuds are left there only. , Followed by Panjab and Balochistan. Shockingly the census was conducted in 1998, after that 19 years passed till 2017. No Census. 2017 Census is Mum on Minorities. Clearly signalling that Actual Situation will be worse : Almost Annihilated !

%age o Hindus living in Various Provinces of Pakistan as per 
Census 1998. Current census after 19 years in 2017 (But Census gives no data on Minorities). Actual can be worse

Hope I could qualify in my attempt to bring out lesser know perspectives of events of Historical Importance. You may be interested in Various Informative Articles have been covered in my posts covering science, mathematics, cosmos and samaskara from the perspective of Sanatan Dharma

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