In 1990, our liquor shop in Lal chowk was bombed by Hizbul terrorists saying Alcohol is haram in Islam. Well thats a story for some other day but cut to 2019, nearly 40% of the youth in valley are gripped by drug abuse. Arent the drugs haram?

Large percentage of this includes girls. Study by Army shows easy supply from Pakistan is fuelling the habbit of heroin, cociane & cannabis. Children as young as 10 are using opiods, inhalants, nicotine, balms, sleeping pills, shoe polish, nail polish removers & even snake bites.

There is a rehab center in Baramulla which is run by the Army. But looking at the scale of the problem, clearly it is not enough. The Govt has not done enough and easy availability of drugs is making the situation worse. Drug peddlers move with impunity without any fear of law. There are regular updates about drugs being recovered in the valley. Sopore & South K are worst hit. Yesterday, a Bijbehara man was arrested with 5KG Poppy straw at Awantipora in Santro car bearing registration number JK03D-5938. FIR was registered via 15/2019 under section 8/15.

Needless to say that many of the addicts are Terrorists & Stone pelters who are given unlimited access to these drugs. I fail to understand if alcohol is haram then how are drugs halal? Why arent the Mirwaiz, Muftis issuing a Fatwa against this? Why are the separatists silent? Children of politicians, separatists, Muftis are safe from this menace as they are sent to other parts of India to be away from conflict & study in best educational hubs. The vulnerable youth is pushed into the hell of pelting stones & barbaric killings under influence of drugs.

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The local Cops feel drug menace is a greater challenge than Terrorism in the valley. If the Army under ‘Op Sadbhavana’ are able to run rehabs & Police breaks the nexus of chemists & peddlers, job acceptance for pelting stones/terrorism will substantially reduce.

Many stone pelters are facilitating the movement of drugs by acting as couriers. The money collected is used to fund terrorism, stone pelting & purchase arms. The political negligence needs to stop as this menace has become an epidemic now. Hope Narendra Modi Government looks into this on priority.

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