Mar 30, 2022: India 4 Kashmir (I4K), a pan-India movement to reclaim our lost ground & rehabilitate India in Kashmir with dignity & honour, strongly condemns Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s remarks against “Kashmiri Hindu Genocide.”

The activists of this movement along with other Kashmiri Hindus and civil society members organized a peaceful protest outside his residence at Civil Lines, Delhi today. The protesters registered their objection to his insensitive remarks and gross mockery of the “Kashmiri Hindu Genocide.” His statement in the Delhi Assembly mocking and terming our genocide as “fake” had come as a shock to the community and has been received as “insulting to the victims and survivors of genocide.” The protest was a peaceful medium to express solidarity with the victims and survivors of genocide rendered homeless by Islamic terrorism since 1990. The protestors, holding placards, marched from IP College to Flagstaff Road. They also raised slogans and offered him roses with hand written get well soon messages.

Rohit Kachroo, National Coordinator, I4K who is deeply hurt by these remarks said, “Denial of Genocide is enabling it. It is an international crime and on top of that, Arvind Kejriwal sided with the perpetrators of Genocide by terming the entire film as Jhooti or Fake.” He further added that India 4 Kashmir strongly condemns his statement made in the temple of the democracy and that his remarks mark a black day in the history of Delhi Assembly.

Vikas Raina, J&K coordinator, I4K asked, “My father was shot by the Terrorists 12 times. I could not even dare to see his bullet ridden body. Is this a fake story?” Raina is also the petitioner in the Bitta Karate criminal case and has been on the forefront in the legal battle to get justice for the martyred Hindus.

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An emotional Purnima Kaul, Rajashthan Coordinator I4K, who travelled all the way from Jaipur to participate in the protest said, “Being a mother, I am hurt with his statements and especially hurt with his laughter on such a serious topic of genocide. I have not been able to sleep since then.”

In its pursuit, India 4 Kashmir has always bolstered the voice of truth. It believes that denial of genocide is committing genocide! I4K has also stood up against the voices that have become enablers of genocide by repeatedly denying the reality of the issue and scale of the massacre that took place in 1990. Climax of a genocide is in its denial and once denied it replicates.

India 4 Kashmir also requests the Government of India to pass the Genocide Bill unanimously thereby recognizing and codifying it officially.

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India 4 Kashmir is a Pan-India movement to reclaim our lost ground and rehabilitate common Indians in Kashmir with dignity and honour.