Feb 23, 2022: India 4 Kashmir (I4K), a pan-India movement to reclaim our lost ground & rehabilitate India in Kashmir with dignity & honour, fiercely supports the Right to Free Speech. I4K believes that freedom of expression is an indispensable element of our vibrant democracy.

In its pursuit, I4K has always bolstered the voice of truth. Every such voice, which narrates the horrendous truth about the Kashmiri Hindu Genocide and forced exodus at face value, always finds unequivocal support from I4K.

Today, every Kashmiri Hindu is a living testimony to the terror unleashed on the peaceful Hindu community on 19 January 1990. Uprooted from the land of Rishi Kashyap, generations have since been forced to take refuge in their own country. Witch hunted, mauled, savaged, raped and murdered for upholding Dharma, the aboriginals were deracinated on the fateful night of 19 January 1990.

The forced exile was thrust on the community in the very own land of their ancestors at the behest of Jihadi forces from across the border and traitors within. Simultaneously, various attempts have been made to choke every voice raised empathically towards our plight.

National Award-winning director, Sh. Vivek Agnihotri has toiled hard over the last few years to make the world aware of our stories via the powerful medium of cinema. The Kashmir Files is not any other Bollywood flick but a gratification of his time, emotions and promise to expose the brutal truth. The much-awaited film is slated for theatrical release on 11 March 2022.

While the entire community thanks Sh. Agnihotri and his team for treading the path of truth, some vested forces have joined hands across social media & digital news platforms to launch targeted, vicious smear campaigns to malign his image and threaten him with dire consequences.

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The perpetrators of our genocide and their facilitators are visibly rattled. They have declared their intent to not stop at anything, even if it means causing him physical harm. Sh. Agnihotri has been vociferous about our genocide and has appealed for justice of the Kashmiri Hindu community. The anti-social elements are lurking with their nefarious designs to halt the release of the film and threats are being sent to harm him physically. This tactic is a well-knit strategy aimed at preventing disclosure of the barbaric truth leading to our precipitous exodus 32 years ago.

We are deeply disturbed and anguished by these unwarranted events. We vehemently condemn the threats and cowardly attacks on Sh. Agnihotri in the strongest possible words.  We assure Sh. Agnihotri the unflinching support of our community. We also request the Government of India to take immediate cognizance of the matter and ensure adequate security arrangements.

As law abiding citizens, we have faith in our institutions and hope that Sh. Agnihotri will receive the support concerned in commemorating our genocide on 70 mm screens, peacefully. The Kashmir Files is not just a movie. It is an emotion of thousands of innocent Kashmiri Hindus who lost their homes and loved ones to fundamental Islam in 1990 yet chose to hold the baton of Dharma despite being offered the alternate – Raliv, Galiv ya Chāliv (Embrace Islam, Be Prepared to Die or Run for your lives).

Team I4K urges everyone to watch The Kashmir Files, not just to support Sh. Vivek Agnihotri & his hardworking team but to support every Kashmiri Hindu who unwillingly became a victim of the viciousness, ruthlessness, callousness and violence of Islamic fundamentalism in Kashmir.

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नास्ति सत्यसमो धर्मो न सत्याद्विद्यते परम् । न हि तीव्रतरं किञ्चिदनृतादिह विद्यते 

The world deserves the truth and they shall have it!

Satyamev Jayate.

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India 4 Kashmir is a Pan-India movement to reclaim our lost ground and rehabilitate common Indians in Kashmir with dignity and honour.