While we celebrate Republic day today, I am reminded of a story my mother told me about the kid Revolutionaries of India.

We all have only heard about the independence struggle from our parents and also read about a few freedom fighters in the story books, what we do not realise is that many brave people have fought for our independence about whom we have never heard or read. I call them unsung heroes of Indian Independence.

One such unsung hero was from Bengal in the undivided India. His name was Surya Sen, he was a teacher and his students used to call him Master Da Surya Sen.

Master Da had formed an army of young freedom fighters most of whom were his students. Most of the students were as young as 15 – 16 yes but some were even younger. They used to be very upset when Britishers used to call them “Indian Dogs”. One day Britishers were having a party at some club where a board was written with a message “ Dogs and Indians are not allowed” this made the children very angry and they promised to their teacher that they are going to kick the Britishers out of their country. They carried out a relatively unknown mission called the “Chittagong Armoury Raid”
The team of kids led by Master Da and Pritilata Waddedar decided to loot the armoury of the British Army and attack the British soldiers with their own ammunition.

They formed two teams , one was supposed to cut the telegraph lines and stop the trains to disrupt any communication between Calcutta and Chittagong the other was supposed to loot the armoury.

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On the Night of April 18, 1930 British officers were busy in a party on a Good Friday, the kids entered the premises of the armoury but could not locate the arms, the second team was successful in cutting the Telegraph lines. This was also called the Chittagong Uprising, the famous beginning of the Armed struggle of Indian Revolutionaries.

The revolutionaries conducted many such missions and on one of the missions Master da was caught. He was so brave that he withstood the British torture on him but never divulged the secrets of his army. The leader of the Kids, Master Da Surya Sen denied to speak even when he was immensely tortured and his nails were plucked.

From that day onwards he couldn’t even write, and in those times there was no other way to communicate except by writing secret letters and that is why they plucked Master Da Surya Sen’s nails.

Master Da was hanged to death by the Britishers after immense torture. Here I am presenting the last letter written by Master Da to his followers.

Next time , when on Independence day school asks you to dress up like a freedom fighter consider becoming Master Da, or Pritilata Waddedar and let us make them Hero again but this time singing there praises. It is upon us to sing the glories of these unsung freedom fighters without who the story of our independence is not complete.

Bande Mataram!

About the Author: This post has been written by Anjaneya Koul, a 12 year old, Class 7 student. Historical facts fascinate him and he has an active interest in poetry writing.

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