Global Kashmiri Pandits diaspora (GKPD), a Kashmiri Pandit civil society movement of selfless volunteers drawn from all major Kashmiri Pandit organizations across the globe, along with several friends from Jammu and Ladakh, today unequivocally rejected the petition submitted by 64 citizens (comprising Pandits, Sikhs and Dogras) condemning the abrogation of article 370. GKPD is also outraged at attempts by some sections of the media to project this as the views of all the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.Individual opinions of a group of people cannot be considered the voice of the people of the erstwhile state.

GKPD congratulates Honourable Indian Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah for this historic and landmark decision. As major stakeholders in the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir and the Union territory of Ladakh, we pledge to work alongside Government of India to make the dream of One Nation – One Constitution” a reality. We will work together with all communities to ensure that the glory of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh is restored to how it was before it was ravaged by terrorism.

Abrogation of article 370 is a tribute to nationalist forces across the country and a step towards further integration of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh with mainstream India.

We strongly condemn the attempts by sections of media to maliciously highlighting the views of a few individuals while ignoring the views of the vast majority of the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh who are strongly in favour of the abrogation of Article 370.

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List of Signatories – Organizations and Individuals

  1. All India Kashmiri Samaj, Delhi
  2. All State Kashmiri Pandit Conference, Jammu
  3. Kashmiri Pandit Sabha, Jammu
  4. Jammu & Kashmir Vichar Manch, Delhi
  5. Roots in Kashmir
  6. Kashmiri Pandit Sabha, Noida
  7. Kashmiri Sewak Samaj, Faridabad
  8. KP Sabha, Jaipur
  9. KKS, Gurugram
  10. KPA, Mumbai
  11. KP Sabha, Chandigarh
  12. India 4 Kashmir
  13. Indo American Kashmir Forum
  14. Indo European Kashmir Forum
  15. Indo Canadian Kashmir Forum
  16. Kashmiri Pandits Australia (KPA)
  17. Kashmiri Pandits Cultural Society U.K
  18. Kashi Pandita- Padmashri and academic.
  19. Moti Kaul – Businessman and Social Activist
  20. Charu Wali Khanna-Former member NCW and advocate Supreme court.
  21. Advocate Antima Bazaz-Advocate Supreme court.
  22. Hira Fotedar-Senior Business Executive and Social Activist.
  23. Ashoke Pandit- Film maker and Senior Activist & Neerja Pandit – Acclaimed Playback Singer
  24. Renuka Dhar Bazaz-Associate Professor, Delhi University.
  25. Surinder Kaul-Physician U.S.A.
  26. Shafalica Bhan Kotwal-Psychiatrist, U.K.
  27. Rakesh Kaul-Businessman and author.
  28. Rohit Kachroo- Serial Entrepreneur and community activist.
  29. Ash Raina-IT Entrepreneur and community activist, Australia.
  30. Nawang Rigzen Jora-Former MLA
  31. Sonam Stobden-Sarpanch.
  32. Tsewang Rig Zen-Sarpanch.
  33. Tashit Laskit-Businesman.
  34. Tsering Angchock-Army.
  35. Tsewang Namgyail-Judo instructor.
  36. Sonam Gyalson-School teacher.
  37. Stanzin Stobden-Student.
  38. Rajeev Madan – Entrepreneur.
  39. Renu Kaul Varma – Vitasta Publishing house
  40. Etee Bahadur – Academician
  41. Munish Jalali – Businessman and Social Activist
  42. Dileep Kachroo – Central team member JKSC, Member PSC GKPD
  43. Vimal Wakhlu Chairman and Managing director TCIL.
  44. Prof Satish Ganjoo – University of HP, Dharamshala
  45. Vinod J Kaul – Associate Professor, Delhi University.
  46. Advocate Anju Tikoo – Faculty of Law, DU
  47. Vivek Kaul Surgeon, U.K
  48. Chandan Kotwal Psychiatrist, U.K
  49. Sachin Raina – Strategic Business Head
  50. Rattan Kotwal – Businessman and Community Activist
  51. Rajni Kaul – Engineer and Community Activist
  52. Anil Kachroo – IT consultant and Community Activist
  53. Jeevan Zutshi CEO,
  54. Dr Rabinder Koul – COO, VegaMX
  55. Veer Khar -Businessman and Community activist.
  56. Krishna Bhan – Director Hindu Council U.K & President – Indo-European Kashmir Forum
  57. Shubra Koul Physician, NZ
  58. Suneel Koul Engineer, NZ
  59. Vinod Tikoo – IT Consultant and Community Activist, U.K
  60. Urmila Raina – General Practitioner, U.K
  61. Anupama Handoo – Civil Servant, U.K
  62. Pamela Mirza – Teacher
  63. Dhruv Munshi Engineer NZ
  64. Primla Khar Physician, NZ
  65. Anita Munshi Teacher, NZ
  66. Lovely Bhan – Teacher NZ
  67. Rekha Kantroo Biochemist, NZ
  68. Preeti Koul Teacher, NZ
  69. Sunanda Shivpuri Physician Australia.
  70. Meenakshi Hakhu Businesswomen, Delhi
  71. Ramesh Sheopuri – Former Vice President Indian Express
  72. Ravinder Pandita – Save Sharda Committee
  73. Usha Dhar – Professor (Physiology)
  74. Kiran Kar Naik Dentist, U.S.A
  75. Monica Koul HR, U.S.A
  76. Vidhya Bhushan Dhar – IT Consultant and Director ICKF, Canada
  77. Ambika Dhar – Fashion Industry
  78. Lalit Sharma – Director Real Estate and Director – Voice of Dogras
  79. Purnima Kaul – Branch manager and Social Activist
  80. Ashok Koul President, Indo Canadian Kashmir Forum
  81. Shankar Kotha Hospitality – Australia
  82. Nidhi Dhar Raina Childcare Worker, Australia
  83. Puran Ticku IT Professional, Australia
  84. Asha Bhagati Ticku IT Professional, Australia
  85. Sunil Shivpuri Australia
  86. Gitanjali Bhat Australia
  87. Meenakshi Koul Joshi – Australia
  88. Amit Wangnoo Businessman, Australia
  89. Munesh Wali IT Professional, Australia
  90. Rajnesh Kaul IT Professional, Australia
  91. Anjali Tikoo Community Activist, Australia
  92. Rakhil Razdan Community Activist, Australia
  93. Gagan Taimni IT Professional, Australia
  94. Deepshree Dhar Taimni Human Services, Australia
  95. Puny Boni-Construction, Australia
  96. Nirja Thussu Raina Education Department, Australia
  97. Sudhir Raina – National Manager, Australia
  98. Shivani Nehru IT Professional, Australia
  99. Siddhartha Kaul IT Professional, Australia
  100. Anil Garyali Australia
  101. Avinash Rain IT Professional, Australia
  102. Vishal Bhan Banker, Australia
  103. Deepa Bhan – Services Professional, Australia
  104. Priyanka Soni – Dentist and Member – Voice of Dogras, U.K
  105. Pankaj Raina Pilot, U.K
  106. Vikrant Gupta – Entrepreneur and Member – Voice of Dogras, U.K
  107. Sana Sharma – HR Admin and Member – Voice of Dogras, U.K
  108. Vaibhav Tamiri – Banker
  109. Deepak Koul – IT Consultant, Germany
  110. Sandeep Wanchoo – Co-founder and Director Mobile-T
  111. Sunita Koul Dentist, U.S.A
  112. Lakshmi Kaul – Founder KPCS, U.K
  113. Kuldeep Bahadur-Entrepreneur
  114. Ramesh Hangloo-Pir Panchal.
  115. Raj K Sandhu-Assistant Professor,Deptt of Law University of Jammu.

I4K Staff

India 4 Kashmir is a Pan-India movement to reclaim our lost ground and rehabilitate common Indians in Kashmir with dignity and honour.