NEW DELHI: In a heart-wrenching incident, a migrant worker from Punjab, hailing from the city of Amritsar, fell victim to a brutal attack by unidentified terrorists in Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir, on Wednesday. The victim, identified as Amritpal Singh, was engaged in his daily livelihood as a hawker when the assailants, shrouded in anonymity, opened fire without warning. Alongside Amritpal Singh, another individual sustained severe injuries in the cowardly assault.

Swift Police Response

Promptly reacting to the distressing incident, the Kashmir Zone Police swiftly cordoned off the area of Shaheed Gunj, where the attack transpired. A tweet from the authorities confirmed the fatal outcome for Amritpal Singh, while also highlighting the critical condition of the injured party. “Terrorists fired upon a non-local identified as Amritpal Singh resident of Amritsar at Shaheed Gunj Srinagar, who succumbed to the injuries. One more person is grievously injured and evacuated for medical attention. Area has been cordoned off. Further details shall follow,” a tweet from Kashmir Zone Police said.

Ongoing Manhunt

A vigorous search operation has been launched in the aftermath of the attack, with law enforcement agencies launching a concerted effort to apprehend the perpetrators responsible for this heinous act. The entire region of Shaheed Gunj has become the focal point of an intensive manhunt, as authorities are sparing no effort in tracking down the assailants.

Continued Threat To Non-J&K Residents

Regrettably, this incident marks yet another grim chapter in the ongoing saga of violence targeting migrant workers in the region. With alarming frequency, innocent individuals like Amritpal Singh have found themselves caught in the crosshairs of terrorism, facing untold dangers while simply pursuing their livelihoods.

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History of Violence

The spectre of violence against non-local residents looms large over Jammu and Kashmir, with past instances underscoring the vulnerability of migrant workers to such attacks. Since October 2019, a disturbing trend has emerged, with terrorists repeatedly targeting individuals hailing from outside the region.

Heightened Tensions

This latest act of brutality comes against a backdrop of heightened tensions in the region, with recent incidents further exacerbating the security situation. Just last month, terrorists engaged in a brazen attack on army vehicles in Poonch, underscoring the persistent threat posed by militant elements.

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