Heros of Pakistan like Sagarika, Kejriwal & others have started begging on behalf of Imran Khan as per timeline.

Feb 5 – Imran Khan puts out a tweet praising Kashmiri Terrorists.

Feb 14 – JeM attacks in Pulwama.

Feb 15 – JeM threatens India, says more attack to follow.

Feb 19 – Khan blames India for Pulwama, doesn’t condemn the act. Instead threatens to retaliate if India takes action against JeM, in a video with 27 cuts.

Meanwhile Pak vacates all terror launchpads near LOC, takes them to safe house in Balakot & other places near Islamabad.

Feb 20 – All major countries condemn Pulwama Terro Attack, ask Pakistan to take action. Japan rejects Pakistan minister’s visit, ask them to postpone.

Feb 26 – IAF conducts non military preemptive strike, destroys safe house which was the biggest terrorist launch pad/training camp on Pakistan’s soil.

No civilian hurt & no military installations were targeted. 200+ coward Jihadis & Fidayeens neutralized.

Feb 26 – Pakistan says nothing happened, only few trees were destroyed.

Feb 27 – Rattled Pakistan Army attacks Indian military camp probably to avenge the killing of those trees.

Their 4th generation F16 gunned down by Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman flying a 2nd generation MiG21. He is hit too & arrested.

Thanks to Rahul Gandhi’s Congress for not procuring anything in their 10 years of tenure. However, huge loss for Pakistan as F16s are too costly for them to afford now.

Feb 27 – USA warns Pak not to use F16 anymore, will now face consequences of what they have done. Imran Khan realizes Pakistan is on the verge of crisis, both economically & diplomatically.

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So Imran along with Sagarika, Kejriwal, Congress Party & other Pakistanis say:-


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