righttorecallrajasthanImagine a situation where you own a company and you have a disciplined workforce. If the Govt. of India brings two legislative changes as follows:-

1. You have to pay your staff salary at the end of the month.
2. You cannot ask the employee to leave in case of non-performance.

According to you, do you think the employee will work properly and for the cause of the company? Will they be disciplined? We all know the answer. They know that at the end of the day their job and salary are safe hands.

This is where we as a nation are losing the trick and are not making progress. The same situation applies to our elected politicians. Once we elect them, they refuse to work for the upliftment of the nation because they know they won’t be fired and salary will reach them on time.

Right to Recall gives a unique power to the bosses & masses of the nation. We, the people will have the power to decide who stays and who goes. Of course, we can always have built in safety clauses to this legislature but its imperative that power transmission to this effect is done without delay.

We will have the power to ask the Election commission to hold new elections if our Public servants do not act as per their promises. Recently, this act has come in force in Rajasthan. It’s only fair to ask if one state can have it as a model, what is so difficult to redevelop if need be and enforce this all over the country?
This needs to be passed by the assembly in majority and we all know what happened to the Jan Lokpal Bill. The bill passed is popularly called JokePal Bill.

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It’s time we start thinking innovatively and out of the box to come to a fair conclusion. It’s an accepted fact that no one act alone can solve the problem of corruption in this country. Right to Recall along with Lokpal Bill is a very powerful model in the hands of the common man.

The million dollar question is who will bell the cat?

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