From the day Kamlesh Tiwari was slaughtered – yes the correct word is slaughtered, since that’s how he was killed, every form of Social Media has been only discussing this topic. What is confusing is that most of the Hindus have laid the onus of blame has been laid at the doorsteps of CM Yogi ji and the BJP. The reason given is that Yogi ji had withdrawn the security details and that was why the assassins were able to enter Kamlesh ji’s house and slaughter him. Maybe there is absolutely no doubt that this is true technically. But I do not think that this was the only reason why Kamlesh Tiwari was slaughtered. Nor do I think that they alone were responsible for his death. Who then is to be held responsible for this?

In my opinion Kamlesh Tiwari died the day he called the prophet a homosexual. No, maybe he died the day Azam Khan called the RSS people homosexuals. No, maybe he died because of Indian Penal Code Section 153-A and Section 295-A. Maybe he died the day when he felt ashamed that no one was taken to task for calling the Divine Mother (Maa), a prostitute. Or just maybe he died because not a single Muslim said, “We shall forgive him, because our prophet was compassionate.”

It is hardly a hidden fact that Muslims take to the street when any one of their kind is hurt. The art of crying “victim” has been honed to perfection by them. When you realize that the one who killed the publisher of “Rangila Rasool” has been eulogized and his grave made into a ‘mazhar’, you know the tolerance level of those who cry “intolerance” the moment they break a nail on their little finger. Oh yes, it sounds like an exaggeration, but their complaint about victimization is beyond this level of exaggeration. When being deprived of internet becomes the best excuse to call a democratically elected Government as a “fascist regime”, and that too internationally, you know how well oiled their propaganda machinery is.

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But all this is not as important as the fact, that in our country, we have traditionally had Governments which allowed this to continue unhindered. The courts of our land have said that using loudspeakers for Azaans is not allowed, but implementing this hurts religious sentiments and therefore our Police do not implement this. And the Government, both State and Central, are silent about this total absence of implementation of the rule of law.

Cow Slaughter is banned in most States, but it is a fact that cow slaughter does take place and cow smuggling also takes place with impudence. When anyone is prevented from slaughtering a cow or from stealing a cow, guess which law is implemented and who goes to jail? Right! The criminals become emboldened when the actual victim is jailed for being a ‘violent’ gou-rakshak. The word ‘rakshak’ has no meaning here at all!

What was the term of imprisonment for the mob which lynched the Doctor in West Bengal? Does anyone know? Or the term of imprisonment for the filmi lady who destroyed the life of a man who was sleeping on the plane and in his sleep apparently touched the lady with his toe? Or the term of imprisonment for the filmi man who mowed down people under his car, poached innocent animals in a forest and was responsible for the death of the policeman who looked after his security? Or the term of imprisonment for the juvenile who raped Nirbhaya? No answers here I guess, because the law is something to be toyed with and justice is something which hides behind a veil (purdah) when the perpetrator is a Muslim and that too, a moneyed Muslim or one who has political backing or has the media backing him/her.

Then again, maybe the ones who killed Kamlesh Tiwari are the Hindus who believe in the Justice system of this land and the Divine Justice system of Karma. Hindus have used this as a wall to hide behind and not fight for implementation of the Law of the land. We are ones on the road with candles to show our remorse and sorrow, especially when some liberal leftist calls for this. We are the ones who love to show our anger on Twitter and Whatsapp and engage in endless debates. When are we going to write letters to the PM and the Judiciary and make life difficult for them for non implementation of the Law?

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When are we going to protest the silence of the liberal, educated Muslims? When are we going to ask the Communists why they think that calling our Devi a prostitute is ok, calling our traditions and rituals as superstition is ok, but why they chicken out from bad-mouthing Islam? When are we going to take the Church to task for the same? When are we going to ask for shutting down ALL Madrassas for teaching terror and killing of Kafirs, to the students of the Madrassas?

If we cannot even do all this within the framework of law, how are we hoping that no more Kamlesh Tiwari should die?

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