A global #KP4Modi 2.0 conference call was scheduled and attended by an overwhelming number of Kashmiri Hindus from across the world where they reiterated their support for Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in the forthcoming elections of 2019. This event was scheduled by Team KP4Modi 2.0 – a dedicated group of KP volunteers on ground and online, working with the aim to fulfil the dream of a second term for Shri Modi.

The call was attended by many prominent Kashmiri Pandit Hindus like Shri. Ashok Pandit – a renowned filmmaker and social activist, Shri. Lalit Ambardar – a building design consultant and a regular writer on ‘Kashmir’ in columns of national dailies and media channels.

With a mission to run a professional, facts based campaign, Team KP4Modi 2.0 envisions propagating all the good work done under the able leadership of the current Prime Minister. The conference call witnessed exchange of ideas to spread a developmental, nation building narrative through both online and on ground activities. All members including the speakers agreed to work on ground and online to make this possible.

Speaking on the occasion, the Convenor of KP4Modi 2.0 initiative, Rohit Kachroo highlighted that even though a minuscule minority, Kashmiri Hindus have a powerful narrative and intellectual strength that can Influence a million minds. He said, “There can be no doubt that there is no other leader of the stature of Narendra Modi today in Indian polity. He must be brought back for overall stability of the nation & Kashmir region. We must work both online and onground to spread & propagate all the good work done by our PM. KP4Modi 2.0 team will create short informative videos and conduct on-ground opinion analysis & transformation through talks, facts, data points and info graphics”.

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The conference began with an address by Shri Lalit Ambardar who emphasized that Kashmiri Pandits are the reason that Kashmir is with India, for, successive Central Governments had almost written it off. He also praised Narendra Modi for leading the only Government in the history of India that showed the political spine to act against Terrorists. He appreciated the group for this initiative and shared that many youngsters, in the 90s, wanted to retaliate violently but the community elders stopped them from doing this as it would have brought a civil war against our own country and people. They encouraged the agitated youth to raise their voice peacefully, yet assertively, for their rights and for the cause of nation building, in accordance with our culture. He said that the KP4Modi 2.0 initiative reminded him of that.

Speaking on the importance of preserving Kashmiri Culture among the community youth and encouraging them to take the the initiative further, Shri Ashok Pandit reiterated the importance of spreading Kashmiri culture and music. He shared that Kashmiri Music is played for 2 to 3 hours every morning in his household and this has helped the youngsters relate to their culture without any force or coercion. He encouraged the group members to do the same. He also said that there is a lot that Shri Narendra Modi has done for the nation and this team should concentrate on bringing that forward through this initiative.

Ravin Trakroo, a core team member KP4Modi 2.0 initiative said that the community should not ignore the support it has received during the early years of exodus that ensured reservation in colleges and universities across the country. He pressed on the fact that the same has helped the community to stand on its own although a lot needs to be done further to rehabilitate the community with dignity.

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The surprise for everyone on the conference was live narration of the song, Sanah Kaem Loul Shabnam Naer Karonaaes by Shrimati Neerja Pandit in her melodious voice.

A key surprise for the attendees was a live rendition of “Sanah Kaem Loul Shabnam Naer Karonaaes” by Shrimati Neerja Pandit in her melodious voice. Another unique twist was ‘Rapper Pandit’ singing RAP songs in praise of Shri Narendra Modi.

The group unanimously decided to begin with an initial focus on encouraging everyone to vote and assisting anyone, within our community and outside, facing any difficulties.

For a full recording of the conference, please visit https://fccdl.in/ldvurYXoMg.

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