Oh Yes, its getting funnier by the moment. The CoalGate casualty Ashwani Kumar and RailGate’s very own Pawan Bansal sought divine intervention to prove their innocence. Are they trying to impress the InternetHindus (a term coined by our very own Sagarika Ghose)?

Moving on, the unforgiving opposition demanded PM’s resignation. Little do they realize that he hasnt resigned but at-least voluntary retired long back. On the other hand, what worries me is that I havent seen the PM blink in years, sometimes he looks like an animated wax statue. Nevertheless, I remain a great fan of the economists in him. Only part is that the economist side lost out to the PM side. #Theek hai?

For a Government fighting scams, the strategy is to put the head deep inside the soil so that they dont see anyone. The Ostrich nature Govt thinks this in turn will make sure that no one sees them. Well, again Govt may argue Ostriches dont really bury their head. They are good in arguing, aint they? These days we see everyone going against them though. The CAG, CBI, PAC, JPC and even their very own sections of media. Is everyone leaving the boat which is about to be capsized?

Meanwhile, Khurshid’s visit to China was termed a visit to see the Great Wall instead. Asked weather he talked about the incursions, after a moment of silence, Khurshid said “we did not do any post-mortem or aportion blame”. Makes me wonder how well he would have like their manchow soup.

Our very own bigmouth, Digvijay Singh went a step ahead and tried doing a moonwalk on the Supreme Court’s observations. He ordered in his great capacity that SC is trying to belittle institutions. Obviously referring to the “caged parrot” observation, he said that CBI works with great autonomy and freedom while the CBI chief Ranjit Sinha affirms the content. His terrible insinuations gave the media a day long scroll and bytes. Some wonder why he made the comment in the first place and others like me ponder if the caged parrot feels more freedom than the caged and legs, hand & mouth tied one.

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It will be interesting to see what will be the next reason for the BJP to stall Parliament. Presently, they are celebrating that the Congress has indulged in a number of unprecedented and unthinkable scams. This allows them to take a high moral ground but looking at their own dubious past, can they really afford to shout from the roof tops? Karnataka debacle comes as a reality check for both parties. Corruption is no more a side issue, its right there on the top.

The days ahead would be notice worthy with our neighbour electing a Govt democratically and all the rabble rousing of Naya Pakistan. The new age expected will only come with new approaches, new opportunities and reducing the trust deficit. With Pakistan’s economy in turmoil and India bedridden with scams, it looks only right for both countries ending standoffs and giving MFN status to each other. More trade, more people to people interaction and initiative from Pakistan to ouster the Jihadi elements have to be witnessed before everything moves hand to hand. India needs to support the new government and extend a big brother hand.

Lots of new developments internally as well as externally are making Indians worried of a weaker minority Govt at the center. With the PM’s role in question and his morality at stake, the only way forward is to hold elections in next six months and allow people to voice their mandate. There can be no revival of economy and FDI before that. India seems to be ready for a new mandate if only the Political class open their eyes wide open and take cognizance.

Rohit Kachroo

Genocide Survivor | National Coordinator - India 4 Kashmir | Techie | Emcee | TV Panelist | Product Specialist | बाल्यकाल स्वयंसेवक | Strategist