Bihar: In the north Indian states of UP and Bihar, celebratory gunfire is still a fairly frequent habit. The semi-feudal ritual is being carried out even though such firings are against the law and frequently result in unintentional fatalities. A frightening video that depicts a dancer waving a gun while dancing at a party in Siwan, Bihar, has surfaced on social media. A woman wearing a magenta lehenga and dancing on stage can be seen in the footage posted to Twitter brandishing a revolver. It’s unclear if the dancer was given the firearm at the party by a guest or if she had her own gun with her for protection.

डांसर के हाथों में पिस्टल थमा कर युवक मस्ती में ऐसे डांस कर रहा हैं, जैसे इसको पुलिस प्रशासन का खौफ ही नहीं… VIDEO सीवान का है… @BJP4Bihar
— Nitesh Srivastava (@nitesh_sriv) September 30, 2022

A few young men approach her on the stage to dance with her but she shows them the pistol and asks them to move aside. She then continues to dance for all the guests while grooving with a man on stage. For the whole performance, she has the pistol in her hand and can be seen waving it around.

It is not clear if any action was taken against the people in the viral clip. Notably, to curb the menace of celebratory firing, the Center amended The Arms Act back in December 2019. The act made celebratory firing at public gatherings, religious places, marriage, or other functions with a licensed gun a criminal offence. If caught the punishment can lead up to serving jail time for two years along with a fine.

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