As per Shehla, public transport is an issue and women get extra attention (read harassment). But because it happens everywhere, feminist Shehla will play this down. Magar Baaki sab theek hai!

As per her, the movement of self determination (read terrorism and caliphate setup of ISJK) is plainly just “going on”. Like a stroll in the park. And just 2-3 (read them in thousands) tourists have been killed by terrorists. Magar Baaki sab theek hai!

Common people (read terrorists) are chilled out human (read inhuman) beings. Talk to them, find out their reasons. If you agree fine, it you dont, get ready to return in a coffin. Be a traveller & convert to thr faith, dont just be a tourist & return. Magar Baaki sab theek hai!

Postpaid doesnt work, dogs bite (read terrorists kill), internet doesnt work and there is garbage all around, tons and heaps of it. Forget Indians but what concerns her most is that an Aussie was bitten by a dog. Chalo, magar Baaki sab theek hai!

Thousands of Kashmiri Hindus were killed, girls were raped with breasts cut off, an abhorrent genocide was committed when address of Hindu homes were given by our neighbours to Terrorists. Is anyone proud of it? Hell yes, evryone is damn proud thr. Magar Baaki sab theek hai!

If you are a cannibal & love funding terror, you are in heaven. For all other reasons, you are in hell. You might be killed & reported as “death due to over happiness” ; like they say KPs left by choice. Magar Baaki sab theek hai! BTW, are you Shehla or Jai convincing your mausi?

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We are aware abt internet shutdowns & the reasons. Care letting all knw why its not a “good idea” to go downtown? Because the drug addict stone pelters with kerosene bombs will KILL you. Even if you are a muslim with a Hindu surname like Pandit or Dhar. Magar Baaki sab theek hai!

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