Here are my thoughts on the Fidayeen Terror attack in Pulwama and information on the criminal complaint against Caravan inititated by me on 22 Feb, 2019.

As condolences from the world pour in for the ghastly Pulwama Terror Attack, Government has vowed to punish this Pakistan sponsored Terrorism and its doctorine of bleeding India by thousand cuts.

While the Government fights the external enemies, it is the responsibility of Nationalist citizens to fight the enemy within. Caravan Magazine recently did a caste analysis of the Martyrs in an article and infact, called up all families in grief to make an excel sheet about their caste. This sick mindset has forced us to register a criminal complaint against them under section 153A/295A/505/120B IPC for hurting religious sentiments with an intention to incite communal disharmony in the country.

Caravan is just one example. There are many compromised people in the country who need to be taken down with facts and legally.

The criminal complaint was covered by Times Now and Economic times as a breaking news. Such is the sensitivity of the issue.

As the investigations proceed, a request to block the Article link and Twitter account has been submitted to the Police.

India hopes that strict and timely action is taken. Jai Hind. Jai Hind ki Sena. ??

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