pillarsofdemocracyAs I write this view note, a sense of outrage combined with helplessness constantly maneuvers in my mind. We constantly boast about our Indian culture and its greatness. But, do we really treat our women, children and common man with the way other western countries do? We are quick in pointing fingers forgetting that other fingers point towards us.

Of late, there have been some shameless incidents that have shown us that our culture needs to be understood first and then followed. When the child and father in Jaipur accident were crying for help, more than 50 vehicles passed away but no one stopped. Reason? They were busy and didn’t want to be stuck with the Police. Clearly, a failure of public sentiments and public administration. Sounds like interlinked subjects, give a thought and you would find our hearts have stopped responding to human cause.

We often talk about the three pillars of the democracy:-

Politicians (Elected representatives)

Look at the irony that as I write this, all the three pillars seem to be fishing in troubled waters. A Politician’s son in Aurangabad mows downs a 2 year old child to death and the father is busy using his political clout to protect him. On the other hand, Police is busy beating up elderly women in Aligarh, UP as they dared to protest against the Police (read Goonda Raaj) in UP. The visuals are so disturbing that it can enrage even a moderate and calm headed citizen. Brutality and high headed power on display.

Simultaneously, our respected judiciary is in news for extending surrender time to Mr Sanjay Dutt. It’s a known fact that if you are poor, justice will run away and play hide and seek with you. Recently, a young boy of 21 years was released from Jail after one year. He was accused of stealing Rs 50 and poor fellow had no money to pay for his bail. Later, the wallet recovered was found out to be his and he had earned that Rs 50 working and selling vegetables all day long when Police thought of putting him behind the bars. Easy isn’t it? After all, this poor guy was not a VIP but a common man.

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Now, when we lose faith on all the pillars, where do we go? Another very strong pillar of democracy is Media. They are supposed to be with the common man. If so, then why some sections are labeled as paid media groups. Why does the PCI Chief want everyone from celebs like Sanjay Dutt to terrorist like Bhullar to be outside the jail? Why were all the TV channels, except a few, busy showing IPL parties when an elderly woman was beaten black and blue by the cops?

Are we really living in a democracy? If yes, then let’s bring in the accountability. We need to bring the people’s movement back. We need to rise above the vote bank and dynasty politics. Choose leaders who have a developmental record not by his religion, caste and creed. Only if we are ready to do this, should we expect the pillars to be strengthening us. After all, it’s us who send the criminals to the legislative assemblies.
The latest trend these days is a one liner spoken from the cozy AC rooms of the administrators. The line is “We condemn this incident”. See the NCW Chief’s responses of late and you might get the illusion that she is speaking the same lines each and every time without initiating quick action. See the reply of all political parties’ across the board, all sections of civil society. Is this one line a fashion these days?

Terrorist Attack, people killed – We condemn this incident
Police Brutality – We condemn this incident
Politicians making sexiest remark – We condemn this incident
Politicians beating up Cops – We condemn this incident
Scams, corruption, money laundering & so on – We condemn this incident

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I think there should be a public ban on this line. Condemnations are hollow if you don’t follow them with actions. We don’t care about your words anymore; we don’t want to see your faces. We will hear you but only after we see ACTION on the ground. We don’t want “Sorrys” and condemnations if the guilty is not being reprimanded. We talk about how communal Modi is but its impressing he didn’t utter hollow “Sorrys” and condemnations. We want action which he visibly took and all the sections reaped the benefits.

This country has risen, citizens are awake. We know how to utilize our fundamental rights. We know how to fight for the right. No more can you take us for granted.

Its time you wake up and smell the coffee!!

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