Its high time that Hindus take the threat of online jihad seriously. There is an army of dedicated cyber jihadis who are hired to create fake accounts to abuse Hindus, women & gods in particular. Read the thread to know about the modus operandi.

Over the last few years, Pakistan backed terrorists of the valley have realized that cyber space is an equally important medium as terrorism, stone pelting etc. So much so that, not only have they a dedicated team on payroll, they even now have separate fundraisers

In India-held Kashmir, social media becomes a battleground

It is this cyber terror finance machinery that made a legend out of the terrorist Burhan Wani. They have educated Graphic designers, developers & an IT team who create campaigns to be run on social media. Like the one in the pictures where they dragged Celebs for their propaganda.

Broadly, the terror recruits hires Jihadis in Kashmir to work on different fields now rather than just killing on name of Terrorism. The dirty work is divided into different categories and all streams are paid well to further the agenda of thousand cuts.

  1. Terrorists (If you want to meet 72 hoors & fight for Aazadi)
  2. Stone Pelters (If you dont want to die soon but have the guts to fight)
  3. Love Jihad (If you dont wish to fight but can marry Kafir girls & convert)
  4. Online Jihad (If you wish to support from comfort of home)

Its important to understand that all fields require an intellectual cover & a favorable ecosystem to flourish. Every ecosystem needs to set a narrative & hence you will notice the surge in fake propaganda via compromised journalists, fake users & websites, basically Online Jihad.

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The other side of Online Jihad is to target naive Hindu youth, suppress their FOE or get him suspended from SM to have a monopoly on the narrative; especially if the Hindu is a Kashmiri who they know can strip their propaganda naked. The execution plan is simple. Provoke the target by various defined ways in their SOPs. For example, abuse him or his belief system.

Taking a recent example where a Kashmiri Hindu was targeted. The ecosystem was informed, his profile screened & his employer was identified.

Step 1: Ecosystem contacts the employer & gets him terminated.

Step 2: Passing profile identification information to both Police & Terror groups.

Step 3: Get his Twitter/FB/Linkedin account suspended.

Step 4: Sit back & get rewarded for a wonderful campaign. Ironically, Suresh (Name changed) has both J&K Police & Jihadis looking out for him. How damn scary is that? Not even once anyone bothered to check what he originally replied to.

A tweet which was in reply to another abusive tweet was given full media attention by local media & via their contacts in the MSM. No one bothered about a life being destroyed brazenly. Recently, the targeted Kashmiri Hindu even came forward and while narrating his side of the story said that the account didnt even belong to him in the first place. Even when I4K Team investigated the matter, there were no proofs that the account belonged to Suresh (name changed for security purposes).

Its best to not engage with these accounts & block them. Or, report en-mass to get them suspended. There are also accounts pretending to be Kashmiri Hindus & badmouthing India/Hindus. However, its easy to identify them as no real Kashmiri Hindu will badmouth our nation.

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We need a counter strategy for this Online Jihad & it has to be supported by the Civilians, Govt & Army alike. For the first time, we the patriotic netizens, can assist our Govt & Armed forces. Cyber space is a great leveler & we all have a role to play. Jai Hind!

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