J&K: Former chief minister and Vice President of the Jammu & Kashmir national conference today says that we will not support the decision of punishing terrorists’ families for the crime terrorists. Omar said “No terrorists were given jobs, but we did not also punish people because they were related to terrorists, is it fear for me to punish you for the crimes of your father for the crimes of your son?

Tomorrow I’d God forbid a close relative of Manoj Sinha sb commits a crime should Manoj Sinha go to jail, the law of natural justice is not that relatives are punished for the crimes of someone else. Nobody is advocating that hardcore militants should be given jobs but it’s also wrong to punish somebody just to they have the misfortune of being related to terrorists, this is no way to win the hearts and minds of the people and this is what we will not support.

He was Interacting with reporters after addressing a public rally in Jammu and also raised the issue of “misuse of police against the civilian population”. Omar said on contractors who have been asked to get CID verification now “ contractors Cid verification I don’t know but in this place, the government loves to misuse police, contractors who are being given work are blacklisted. The more we use police in civil work more malfunction happens.

Taking jib at the government’s decision on given a contract to Aptech, Omar said “ the way the government tried to give the contract to a company which is blacklisted in the whole country, now it’s said that contract is canceled but youth are still not satisfied, we want there should inquiry that who bought Aptech here and where misconduct has to happen and a promise to youth that there will no misconduct with their futures. If LG Manoj Sinha’s relative commits a crime will Manoj Sinha go to Jail: Omar Abdullah on punishing terrorist families?

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Shielding Rahul Gandhi’s comment on women’s being molested Omer said “ he did not say specific to Kashmir, he said that and he said to me also that during the course of his pad yatra, numerous women’s came to him and they had been victims of sexual violence, is that not a fact that sexual violence is prevalent in India so we need Rahul Gandhi to tell us, open any newspaper do we not hear cases of rapes, so what did Rahul Gandhi say that’s is so unusual. Is India rape free country? We know sexual violence takes place. Rahul Gandhi didn’t say anything wrong.

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