Srinagar: It all started in 1980 when Shabbir’s friend met with an accident in Srinagar and needed blood. For the first time, Shabbir donated his blood and discovered that his blood group was O negative and that he was a universal donor. Feeling the pain and need of his friend for blood turned him into a volunteer blood donor. Since then, he has donated 182 pints of blood over the last four decades, which is the highest blood donation by anyone in Jammu and Kashmir and has earned him the name “Blood Man.”

Now it has become his mission. He is fully involved in serving humanity and has not only donated blood but also organized more than 1200 blood donation camps in Jammu and Kashmir.

“When my friend had an accident and needed blood at SMHS Hospital of Srinagar Medical College, I donated blood for him. I felt the pain of people who need blood but don’t get it, so I decided to continue donating blood. This created a beautiful satisfaction in my heart. I believe it’s the best thing to help humanity. Our Islam also teaches us the same. I have donated 182 pints of blood since 1980 and have organized more than 1200 blood donation camps across the valley,” said Shabbir Hussain.

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Shabbir is now called the Blood Man. He says that he will keep donating blood as long as he is alive because saving lives is his life’s mission and gives him satisfaction. Having O negative blood makes him a universal donor.

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Khan said, “My mission is only to help needy people and Allah will reward me for that. My blood type is O negative and there are so many children in need. I feel proud that I have been able to help. People pray for me all the time and I have promised myself that I will keep donating my blood as long as I am alive.”

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Khan has not only kept this confined to himself, but he is also continuously conducting awareness programs in the Kashmir Valley and motivating people to donate blood for those in need. Shabir was also very active during the coronavirus pandemic and organized blood donation camps for the needy.

“Govt Does Not Recognize Our Efforts”: Shabbir

However, what pains Shabir is that the government has not recognized his and other blood donors’ efforts in the valley. Despite being the highest blood donor, Shabir has not received any government award. “The government does not recognize our efforts. My name was sent for a state award ten times, but I was not selected once,” Khan said.

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