12269_4613935540826_1672990835_nEvery Girl has two choices to make when someone passes a comment, pounces, pinches etc. One, to retaliate and make it clear that it is unacceptable. Second, cower down, look for the shortest route home and make a mental note to avoid that particular road/locality/corner whenever possible.

Unfortunately all girls are taught to do is the latter. What many dont understand is that this is a horribly wrong choice to make. The girl should discourage an indecent man from repeating his actions. If this is not done at the outset, it emboldens him by reaffirming his idea of power over the girl. Ignoring or avoiding makes it so much worse for all the girls/women who are about to cross that place as the girl does not discourage the man to try it again.

Chaotic growth, Pathetic Policing meant to protect VVIPs and a judicial system close to collapse makes Delhi one of the worst crime centers in India. Since the Cops report in to the Home Ministry through the Governor and not to CM directly makes it only worse.

Delhi is also one place where people prefer ignoring than reacting. Even when a girl is molested, people will stand mute spectators. Sometimes, even the Cops show up as helpless creatures. Everyone is a VIP in Delhi and claim to have backing of the Politicians or local goons. But, its time that people are out on roads and roam in the so called “UNSAFE” areas past midnight. Only when perception of areas changes, Delhi will Change.

Few suggestions:-

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1. Girls voice it out. Dont encourage the person and dont worry, you will find support.
2. People should frequent roaming in these so called UNSAFE areas.
3. Deployment of Civil Forces (I dont know why are they otherwise trained)
4. Cops performance need to be judged on the set matrixes defined by the honorable SC of India.

Lastly, some information. Dial Eve Teasing Helpline number “1091” next time you see someone troubling you or others.

From watchmen to policemen, everyone on the street makes the girls feel uncomfortable with their looks and acts. Thats Delhi for you.

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