The second global conference call for “KP4Modi 2.0”, scheduled on the 24th of March 2019, was attended by an overwhelming number of Kashmiri Hindus from across the globe who reiterated their support for PM Shri Narendra Modi in the forthcoming elections of 2019.

Rohit Kachroo, Convenor KP4Modi initiative, began by hailing the ban of JKLF by the Government of India under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) and holding its founder, Terrorist Yasin Malik, responsible for the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits. “We appreciate the stand of the Narendra Modi Govt & welcome the acknowledgement of Genocide of Kashmiri Hindus by the Union Home Secretary. This strengthens our activism of truth and this will only propel us to work harder for getting back what is rightfully ours with dignity”, he said.

Ashish Kaul updated the participants with the progress of the group which included details about extending the presence of KP4Modi across social media platforms and the worldwide media coverage of the group’s initiatives. He shared that #KP4Modi and #WarkarModiSarkar are becoming trending hashtags with more than a Lakh social media impressions. He also talked about support from a lot of non Kashmiri groups and individuals. The team apprised everyone of a “Friends for KP4MODI” forum.

With ‘Nari Shakti’ as the theme for this week, the conference had two women guest speakers, Dimple Kaul from India and Shefalica Bhan Kotwal from the United Kingdom.

Dimple Kaul, poet and columnist, expressed hope that the group would soon grow from 51 members to 5 Lakhs and that the entire community would be connected as one. She spoke about the need for a basic agenda (elevator pitch) for the community which would require the group to engage and collaborate with various community organizations. This would make sure that every member of the community not only knows that the basic demands are but is also able to speak on behalf of the community, should an opportunity arise. Emphasizing that KP4Modi group needs to not just reiterate but manifest the power of unity, she reminded the group of “Akh tae Akh Che Kah”.  She also requested the group to ensure that people register as voters, check for their names in the voter list and vote in the forthcoming elections.

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 Speaking about the centuries old ties of Hindus in Kashmir with the other parts of India, she stressed that Kashmir does not only belong to Kashmiri Pandits but to all Hindus across India. “Kashmir has been a sacred land for Hindus and the group needs to connect the rest of the Hindu community with Kashmir”, she stressed.

“I suggest setting up our own narrative, with logic and data, for the story we want to tell the world”, was her response to a question about certain views running against the community online. She exhorted the group to channelize its energy positively instead of spending time in trolling or countering self-serving journalists and/or

individuals keen on power for themselves. She highlighted the need to make it clear that such people do not represent the view of the community as a whole.  

Shafalica Bhan Kotwal, a practicing psychiatrist and community activist, opened her address by saying, “As long as there is Modi, we have hope. The team in this government is at least is talking and listening to us. This is our only chance to be heard in the corridors of power.” She further added, “In 1990, when we were literally on roads, thrown out of our homes, the only governments that helped us were BJP led or in alliance with them. We also need more than jobs from them and they are the only ones providing it.”

Comparing the Kashmiri Pandit struggle to that of the Pandavas, she said, “For the ones who say that we are inconsequential, tell them that we are like the Pandavas. We are the only ones who puncture the false narrative of the terrorists in Kashmir and that is our role. We must do our role of spreading the right narrative.”

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Concluding the Conference, Rohit Kachroo, talked about initiatives in the pipeline, which includes the launch of website.

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