The administration has not been able to provide conducive voting atmosphere to Kashmiri Hindus in Jagti Camps. Even after 30 years of exile, Kashmiri Hindus have to struggle to exercise their basic voting rights.

We checked the situation on ground and found that people were confused, unaware & running pillar to post in search of their names on the electoral roles. To search one name in hundreds of paper bundles was both time consuming and chaotic. What is worse is that the names are mentioned in Urdu and very few people can read the language. How are people supposed to inform the authorities of any mistakes in this scenario? On the voting day, would the same wrong entry not disallow them to vote?

There were very few administrators around leading to total chaos. The Govt needs to put up a digitized setup and allow volunteers to help people search names on ECI website. We offered our help to which we were told that they will get back. No one called up which confirms our suspicion that perhaps administration doesnt want us to vote.

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Rohit Kachroo

Genocide Survivor | National Coordinator - India 4 Kashmir | Techie | Emcee | TV Panelist | Product Specialist | बाल्यकाल स्वयंसेवक | Strategist