Pune, Maharashtra: As the Indian security forces and the government are executing on their Kashmir strategy to end the three-decade-long terrorism in Kashmir, there is a building consensus among the Indian masses that there has to be a people-led movement & creation of awareness about the right narrative of the problem in Kashmir. Many social welfare organizations, human rights groups and even political parties have time and again pressed for a timely solution to the Kashmir crisis in National interest.

India 4 Kashmir has initiated a Pan-India movement to reclaim the lost ground and rehabilitate common Indians in Kashmir with dignity. The initiative believes that there should be a collective ‘One Nation Movement’ and encourages masses who believe in the supremacy of the Constitution of India to take ‘One Step towards Kashmir’.

India 4 Kashmir firmly claims that every Indian is a stakeholder in Kashmir and demands the abrogation of Article 370/35A which will pave the path for true integration of J&K with the rest of India. The movement supports the creation of a separate homeland for Kashmiri Hindus who have been ethnically cleansed from the valley by Islamic terrorists. The movement which consists of social-political activists and intellectuals from many fields and streams will work closely with all prominent Indian voices and propagate the narrative of Justice, Stability and peace in the region. They also believe that the government of India should form a tribunal of justice for Kashmiri Hindus and book the culprits who wreaked havoc on the community at the earliest.

In line with the same vision, India 4 Kashmir will conduct a Global Think Tank Conclaves, initiate disseminations of information through its media portals, run legal initiatives and organize Literary festivals to spread awareness about the true History of Kashmir. The initiative will also engage with the government of India at a policy level and support a charter of common demands compiled by Global KP Diaspora which is an umbrella platform of all mainstream Kashmiri Hindu Organizations.

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India 4 Kashmir is also conducting its first Think Tank Conclave on 29th June 2019 in Pune, India. The Conclave will be powered by Global KP Diaspora and will be attended by eminent personalities, filmmakers, Saints, Social Activists & Authors. The Conclave will also feature prominent Kashmiri Hindus who will speak about the History, Accession and way forward for Kashmir.

Speaking on the Occasion, Ritu Rathaur, Entrepreneur, Activist & News TV panelist said, ‘We welcome this initiative by the Kashmiri Hindus and every Indian of this country stands in solidarity with them. Kashmir was, is and will always remain part of Vedic India. Its our crown and its time that each & every Indian fights to reclaim it back’.

The day-long conclave will have panel discussions on Roots of Terrorism; Lessons that India needs to learn from Kashmir and focus on the current plight of Kashmiri Hindus as well. There is also a special session on the Desecration of Temples in Kashmir & India.

Meenakshi Sharan, Historian & Blogger, said, ‘This is a commendable initiative by India 4 Kashmir to make Kashmiri Hindu issue one with the entire Nation. We should take this opportunity to highlight the true history of Kashmir and the communal ideology that has turned the valley into a vast ghetto of rabid Wahabism’.

Journalist & Columnist – Organiser, Rati Hegde added, ‘No civilization can accept any limb of its culture to be cut off. Kashmir’s displacement of Hindus is a wound which has festered for very long but it is our strong resolve that we will nurture it back to health’.

I4K Staff

India 4 Kashmir is a Pan-India movement to reclaim our lost ground and rehabilitate common Indians in Kashmir with dignity and honour.