Srinagar: The mountains on the line of control in north Kashmir are completely covered in 5-12 feet of snow with wind speeds reaching around 80kmph. In these harsh conditions, BSF soldiers have two challenges at hand, to keep the terrorists away from infiltration and second to save themselves from avalanches and harsh weather conditions. The high morale of these Soldiers to serve the Nation keep them ready to face any difficulty. The BSF soldiers patrol these areas near the Line of Control every six hours. “We are here guarding the LoC round the clock throughout the year and there is no possibility of infiltration in this area. We will not allow any intruder to enter our territory. The citizens of the country need to be sure that they are safe, ” said a soldier Mukesh guarding the forward of the Gurez sector of north Kashmir. 

The area is steep, and these mountains are dangerous to patrol during the winter season. The mountains have around 5-6 feet of snow which are highly prone to Avalanches. BSF has an Avalanche rescue team on alert 24/7 during the winter season. If any incident happens, the rescue team rushes to the spot with first aid and evacuation equipment.

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A soldier part of the rescue team said, “we are ready every time it takes us a maximum of 15 minutes to start an operation whenever needed, he added we have the latest technology to search for the missing person, and we do rescue not only for soldiers but if any civilian needs help, we are there”.

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A medical team head said, “we have all basic facilities on every forward post, we have facilities as per the terrain.” “Mostly soldiers face frost bytes, high blood pressure and sometimes strokes too happen as blood flow gets thick due to cold.” “For evacuation we use special hypo thermal bag which enough oxygen inside and we can take the soldier to nearest medical facility safely,” he added.

These Soldiers have been provided with the best equipment, from weapons to the new technological devices used for surveillance. The soldiers who are sent on duty to these areas are first trained so that they acclimatise with the environment. They have also been provided with the best winter gear to protect them from extreme cold conditions. It is not easy for these Soldiers to survive these extreme conditions but their love and service to the Nation make it easier for them. 

IG BSF Frontier Ashok Yadav said, “ These soldiers are doing a commendable job but as leader, we have to boost their morale and for that, we keep visiting them to know what more can be done to make their duties more comfortable” IG added “ we also are providing the best weaponry, clothing and night visions to make them perfect to fight enemies and harsh winter conditions” 

The BSF has also ensured a comfort relation with the locals of these areas. In case of any emergency during these harsh winters, if there is any emergency to people of the area BSF provides all possible help. These soldiers within no time reach out and help the people. From carrying pregnant women in these areas to the medical facilities, and rescue people from areas which are hit by natural disasters like avalanches and landslides. 

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