How many of us know how electricity works? Where does it come from? What makes that bulb glow bright? We know electricity can cook a man’s food and, cook the man too. There are some concepts in life which are multi-layered, multi-dimensional and mysterious in many ways. As you continue reading this post further, a sense of enigma will surround your thought process.

Before we proceed to talk about the application of Law of Attraction, lets quickly understand how this works. This new thought philosophy confirms every negative or positive event in your life is attracted by you. So, by focusing on thoughts (which are measurable) you can bring positive or negative experiences into your life.

All of us have heard about Alladin’s lamp. The genie always used to say “Your wish is my command”. The Universe is the genie and all of us have access to it, just that we don’t know about it. Look up in the Universe and send that right frequency of thoughts, know what exactly you want. Here are the 5 steps of Law of Attraction which would help you to make a connection with the Universe, your genie.

1). Be sure about your startup idea & don’t doubt it ever

Have you noticed your excitement levels when you startup? The idea looks so good to you, everything is going right, you are always smiling and then as you go along, you start finding faults in your own idea. Some of us even term this as ‘perfecting’ that ‘perfect idea’ without even releasing anything in the market. Its funny how half of the startups just perish in that stage itself.

When we doubt our own idea, we are constantly sending a request to the Universe which results in unwanted reverberations. Get up everyday and say you have a great idea there, believe in it and project it as your way to achieve fame, money and success.

2). Ask the Universe to send success by Visualizing

What you see is what you get. Send a picture to the Universe about what exactly you want to achieve in your startup. It might be great designing, creatives, popularity or just about anything. Use Vision boards; keep them in places where you can easily locate them over and over again. To give a personal tip, I keep a part of the goal’s name as my password on different portals. That way whenever we key in the password (and you would be surprised to notice how many times we key it on our computers daily), our mind would shift the focus back on our goal. That is one of the many explicit ways of emitting the right frequency of thoughts out there.

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There are some other things that I recommend the startups to do. Setting up reminders on your phone is one of them. If you are not in the right frame of mind somedays, these reminders will help you to refocus on your goals. You can even write down your affirmations repeatedly and read them aloud 4-5 times a day.

3). Feel the Startup success & show Gratitude

This is the most important step that needs tremendous willpower and might even feel silly at times. You must feel, act and think as if you are in process of making it big in your respective Startups. This is important if you want your wish to be manifested. You must talk to yourself and talk in present tense. Like, you might say “I am happy and grateful that my startup is …….” and finish by saying whatever it is that you are seeking from the Universe.

Its important to be thankful for what you already have. Its like paying back our respects to the Universe and motivating it for doing more. You are not just the  creator of your startup but also of your life. Yes, you heard it right. You create and design your own life. And, a successful Startup is just a small part of that.

4). Trust & Patience to quash the Stress

Imagine climbing a staircase in absence of light. How do you reach at the top? One step at a time in a hope that it will lead you to the next one. Its important to trust and sometimes, trust unconditionally. Patience is a virtue of trust and it helps you to distress yourself at times of great depravity. Dont constantly look for what you have asked for. That is the greatest of all mistakes. When you do so, it is only telling the Universe that you dont have it. So, you attract the same. And, thats ‘not having it’.

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If you already have a sense of achieving what you wanted, there would be no stress. Keep a watch over how you feel. Incase you dont feel quite well, nominate feel changers. Like for me touching my dog (Zuzu) is a feel changer. Or, listening to music. To each one, its own. When feel changers swing you back to emitting positive thoughts and feelings, go back to your goal sheet and start over again.

5). Receive what you had asked for

After following the steps above, you are now ready to receive. Keep feeling that you have achieved what you wanted. This will be perhaps the most difficult phase of being a Startup. You have already made substantial investments of money and time. You might develop a feel that it was a mistake to startup or perhaps it was better to do a job.

This is the time when Universe is realigning itself. So, there are bound to be tremors. Hang on there, keep up the faith and you will be shown a way. Close your eyes, tell yourself that you have done well to even reach here. Meditation is one of a powerful way to initiate receiving as it powers up your brain cells and sends robust frequency to the Universe. And, what looked impossible earlier will start playing up in your life. Your startup will start booming, clients or your target audience will be happy and things will move the way you always wanted.

So, there we go with the 5 steps. Apply them and you will witness how your “Thoughts” will become “Things”. You don’t need to know how, that’s the job of the Universe. Always remember, sizes mean nothing to the Universe. Its no more difficult to attract something what you considered big compared to what you feel is small.

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Some ask me if they should keep monitoring what they are thinking as it would drive them crazy. And, I agree. Therefore, its important to notice how, when you are feeling good, you emit the positives unlike when you are upset. Keep a tab on how you feel and maybe, use the feel changers mentioned above.

Do comment, share or just ask if you need to know more about this law. For now, you are reading this because you attracted this article into your life. Thats how strong the law is because we, the human beings are the creators of the things we see around us. So, just place your orders with the Universe today and add whatever you want in the cart and wishlist. Its really that simple, have no doubts about it.

For people who apply this and achieve success, please keep a piece of cake for me too. I will celebrate your success as much as you. Cheers!

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